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Basic Needs
If you are having difficulties in meeting the basic needs of food, housing and clothing, Family Services may be able to help you

We realize not having the basic necessities can prevent you from taking advantage of a wealth of opportunities that can help you achieve a better life.
With basic human needs met, you can move beyond your present circumstances to act on quality-of-life decisions that will improve your future
You can have a better life…it’s your choice 
Our services are available to students and families from our participating public schools and the general public.
We encourage you to take a moment and look over our services and decide how we might be able to help, especially if you are experiencing a crisis.
You may be eligible to receive the following:
  • Shopping at our Food Pantry
  • Participating in the Housing Education and Repair program
  • Receiving assistance with rent and utilities
  • Shopping at the TTA Resale Store for clothing
  • Receiving crisis counseling when the events of your life are beyond your ability to manage
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