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Counseling services are available to women experiencing a crisis or an unplanned pregnancy
Our objective is to help women make wise and often hard decisions by sharing information and resources that provide them with viable pro-life options.

We offer more in-depth professional counseling to those clients that need to go deeper in order to cope with their circumstances and get them to the point of making healthy decisions for themselves and their unborn child.

TTAFS has a variety of services from which you can choose that include the following:

Crisis Pregnancy Intervention
The purpose of Crisis Pregnancy Intervention is to assist with addressing issues and finding available resources as well as providing hope in what may be a troubling situation.

Crisis Pregnancy Intervention
Encouraging women to choose LIFE for their babies
Counseling, guidance and support are offered to clients and their families as they make difficult decisions during an unplanned pregnancy.
Trained volunteers meet with clients to extend unconditional love, acceptance and support. The program encourages women to choose life for their babies.
Our hope is to not merely save the baby but to mentor and guide the mother as well.
Who We Serve
We welcome any woman who is pregnant or thinks she may be pregnant and in need of our services due to financial limitation or personal disadvantages. Clients using this program do not have to be abortion-minded or abortion vulnerable. Our clients come from all socio-economic backgrounds.
What You Should Expect
At your first appointment, you will complete intake forms, review the forms with a client advocate or nurse and perform a Self-Administered Pregnancy Test. Other activities include:
  • The Nurse assisting you in performing a Self-Administered Pregnancy Test
  • Speaking one-on-one with a client advocate
  • If the pregnancy test is negative, you are invited back to the center for a follow-up appointment in two weeks
  • If the pregnancy test is positive, you are referred to Medical Services where you will
    • Complete a brief medical history
    • Receive a screening medical exam and sonogram
    • Receive a referral list for prenatal care and materials about your pregnancy
    • Proof of Pregnancy for the Medicaid office, if requested
    • Prenatal vitamins when needed
Professional Counseling 
When more intense care is needed, clients are referred to a professional counselor where physical, emotional and spiritual needs are addressed.
Our objective is to increase one’s ability to make decisions and decrease stress during an unplanned pregnancy.
Professional counselors help to adopt healthier ways to resolve issues and cope with the day-to-day stresses of life.
Who We Serve
Our counseling services are limited to those clients, family members and fathers directly impacted by an unplanned pregnancy, pregnancy loss, or another family issue. Clients come to us directly or through referrals.

If you are experiencing emotional distress beyond your ability to manage it, you may require more in-depth, professional intervention in the form of counseling.
What You Should Expect
You will be asked to complete initial interview forms prior to your first counseling session.
The counselor will then meet with you and conduct individual, couple, or family counseling sessions.
You are discharged when the symptoms have subsided and you are able to demonstrate an ability to cope.
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