Crisis Counseling
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Crisis Counseling

What is a Crisis?
An event is a crisis if it wipes out one’s ability to make sense out of what is happening. A person experiencing a crisis becomes deprived of means for exercising some form of control on his/her life. The person feels helpless, the victim of events beyond reason and certainly beyond his/her control. It is only after a person regains some sense of understanding and control that the crisis is reduced to something manageable, in turn moving the person back into self-sufficiency.

Crisis Counseling
The purpose of crisis counseling is to handle the current status of the individual in a crisis. Chronic exposure to stress or trauma can lead to mental illness, so it is important that clients get the assistance they need to cope with current stressors and trauma. Crisis counseling is not intended to provide psychotherapy, but instead to offer short-term intervention to help clients receive assistance, support, resources, and stabilization.

Crisis Counseling teaches families the following:
  • healthy coping mechanisms
  • how to make healthy life decisions
  • methods to improve their communication amongst their other family members
  • other skills with the ultimate goal of increasing the client’s overall wellbeing
The program collaborates with other community organizations to provide clients with a continuum of care for multiple needs. Counseling continues until the person and/or family reaches self-sufficiency or ceases to cooperate with the prescribed program.

Eligible individuals include students and family members of students in TTA’s participating public schools that are experiencing a crisis.

Counseling sessions are by appointment only and run 45 minutes to one hour. Please contact us at 469-567-1793 to set a counseling appointment.
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