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Fatherhood Ministry

Did you know that children from absent father homes are five times more likely to live in poverty with 43% of them receiving welfare or food stamps, housing subsidy or other government assistance? These children have a higher rate of infant mortality, obesity, and more health problems. Their mothers are twice more likely to experience post-partum depression.

Dad’s ClubThe Fatherhood Program is for men of all ages who want to learn more about their role as fathers. For more information on this new and exciting program, please contact Christopher Wheel at 469-567-1793, ext. 9306.

The Dad’s Club

The Dad’s Club is a comprehensive intergenerational approach of ministering and impacting fathers through each stage of fatherhood. It is designed to help men break down misconceptions about relationships and marriage in addition to helping them develop healthy attitudes about their role as fathers.

Through mentoring, fathers are provided the necessary training, spiritual development, counseling, and parenting and life skills that enable them to fulfill their godly responsibility to their children. Young men will learn parenting and life skills that enable them to become positive influencers of their children while providing a safe environment for them to grow and develop.

Additionally, The Dad’s Club provides support through mentoring initiatives in the public schools through TTA’s Public Schools Outreach and in local colleges. Workshops and classes are provided in the community in partnership with and service to the court systems, CPS, WIC, churches, and other family support entities. A variety classes are offered throughout the year to fathers and at times to the mothers of their children. Some of the specialty classes are:
  • Dr. Dad - focuses on new fathers and/or fathers with toddlers and how to create a safe and nurturing environment.
  • 24/7 Dad – focuses on fathers that want to improve the relationship they have with their children and/or mother of their children, balance their work –family schedule, improve their communication and coping skills
  • Why Knot - focuses on fathers who are not married to the mother of their children and may be considering marriage.
Additional topics are offered as special workshops in partnership with 3rd party organizations:
  • Navigating the court system and/or CPS;
  • Budgeting your finances in lieu of child support;
  • Anger management & healthy communication; and
  • Sex and STDs.

Overall, the goal is to end fatherlessness and impact the next generation by equipping, developing, and mentoring one father at a time in the love and truth of Christ
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Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM - 7PM • 972.228.0872