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Medical Services
TTA Pregnancy Services has many offerings for women and families who are pregnant or think they may be pregnant

Free pregnancy testing is available for those who are unable to afford it. Pregnancy tests are self-administered with a medical professional overseeing the process.

Additionally – for our pregnant clients – we provide medical screening examinations, medical counseling and education. For those seeking assistance from the Medicaid office, Proof of Pregnancy is provided.

All medical records are confidential and shared only with the client and those to whom the client has authorized us to release the information.
When clients test positively for pregnancy, additional medical services are required, which include:
Screening Examinations
The screening medical exam consists of taking vital signs and a brief medical history to detect abnormal conditions that would need immediate attention.

Sonograms are offered to clients who are eight weeks or more along in the pregnancy.
When the client is considering an abortion or feeling pressured by relatives or friends, the sonogram is automatically done at no cost.
The sonogram will help clients understand that the fetus is a human life …a real baby in the hopes that clients will choose life for their unborn child.

Pregnancy Counseling
Pregnancy counseling teaches clients how to care for themselves during pregnancy.
We hope to improve the fetal mortality rate by identifying abnormalities that may warrant medical attention early in the pregnancy and health risks that may interfere with fetal development.

What You Should Expect
If your pregnancy test is positive, you are referred to the Medical Room after speaking to the counselor or client advocate. Specific activities include:
  • An ultrasound performed if you are 8 weeks or more along in your pregnancy
  • Your vital signs are taken and reviewed with you
  • The importance of prenatal care will be discussed with you
  • You will receive prenatal vitamins if you do not have a primary care physician
  • Assistance with Medicaid and WIC paperwork will be made available
  • Information on health care during pregnancy is given to you
  • A referral list of prenatal care physicians who accept Medicaid and private insurance is made available
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