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Adult Secondary Education (ASE)

GED Program
The GED Program prepares students to take the GED examination. The GED Program offers integrated instruction in the four areas covered on the GED test: Reasoning through language arts, Science, Social Studies and Mathematical Reasoning. Students will be required to take a pre-assessment test prior to class start.
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Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA)  
Interpreting nonfiction informational text, analyzing nonfiction informational text, interpreting fiction, writing effective sentences, connecting ideas, writing about text, polishing your writing, grammar and writing mechanics.

Science Practices; Life Science; Earth and Space Science; Physical Science. 

Mathematical Reasoning
Number sense and problem-solving; decimals and fractions; ratio, proportion, and percent; data, statistics, and probability; algebra basics, expressions, and polynomials; equations, inequalities, and functions; Geometry.

Social Studies
Social studies practices; U.S. History; civics government; economics; and geography the world.

New GED Test Practice & ReviewA majority of the courses taught at the Technology and Education Program use handouts covering detailed subject matter on the material taught in class. Our GED course requires a textbook that can be purchased at online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble or GED Marketplace.

GED course study book: ISBN 9781419053993 Kaplan Comprehensive Strategies, Practice, & Review (Cost: $25.00)
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