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Life Skills Education
Our Life Skills Education Program is designed to reduce risky behavior leading to juvenile delinquency in our young people. Public Schools Outreach uses a variety of evidence-based curricula that address TTA’s four major messages, namely:
  • Stay in school
  • Alcohol & drug-free
  • No gangs
  • No violence
  • No pre-martial sex
Program employees have been trained and certified to implement age-appropriate curricula in school classrooms during the day. Staff work with school personnel to schedule a specific number of classes at each school. Subsequently, teachers hand over their classrooms to our program coordinators to teach the curriculum in the timeframe prescribed by the life skills course. Approved curricula include:

Choosing the Best Choosing the Best
The Choosing the Best curriculum is used to implement sexual abstinence education in middle and high schools. It is the leading provider of abstinence-only sex education curricula, training and resources in the nation and is an approved curriculum in the participating school districts.

Choosing the Best is committed to being medically accurate, providing the latest medical information, and is approved by a team of medical experts that comprise the Choosing the Best Medical Advisory Board. All aspects of the curriculum foster a dynamic learning environment to engage students, teach relationship education and refusal skills, promote character education and encourage parent involvement.

The Six Pillars of Character
The Six Pillars of Character are ethical values to guide our choices. The standards of conduct that arise out of those values constitute the ground rules of ethics, resulting in ethical decision-making.

This amazing program has become the most widely implemented approach to character education. The curriculum significantly improves the way kids interact with adults. Additionally, research shows dramatically reduced behavior problems, reduced truancy, and increased test scores among students when implementing The Six Pillars of Character program.

Peers Making PeacePeers Making Peace

Peers Making Peace is the only conflict resolution program in the nation to be recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and the Office for Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

Students receive complete training in mediation skills and program implementation, which truly changes the atmosphere of the school campus. The school mediation program provides students and staff a means of nonviolent resolution for disputes that arise in the school setting. Students learn how to turn conflict into win/win situations not through compromise, but through listening to each other and designing a solution which meets both persons' needs.
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