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Special Events
TTA hosts a variety of events for elementary, middle and high school students. These events bring students together throughout the school year for a time of fun and encouragement while challenging them to excel in character and academic performance.

KAGE Events
Kingdom Agenda Generational Experience (KAGE) Events, held four times a year, bring together thousands of young people, grades 7-12, for an evening of entertainment, music and straight talk about issues affecting youth today. It focuses on the messages of no drugs, no gangs, stay in school and sexual abstinence. Guest artists and speakers use music, the spoken word and drama to convey the aforementioned principles.

Special School Assemblies
Special School Assemblies are held throughout the school year by invitation of participating public schools. TTA conducts approximately 30 school assemblies per year. These gatherings can be gender-specific or for the entire student body. Guest speakers, such as Dr. Tony Evans and/or a sports or entertainment role model, are invited to share their life stories and experiences while challenging students to aspire to their fullest potential. Tommy (T-Ned) Ned, a recording rap artist, delivers strong messages of hope on living right by dispelling the hype of the hip hop culture through words that speak their language, but reverses their message and alters their behavior. 
School Administration Breakfast
The School Administration Breakfast is hosted by Dr. Tony Evans annually on our church campus for TTA’s 61 participating schools. The breakfast gives us an opportunity to tangibly express our appreciation of their leadership and offer encouragement and support to the important work they do for our young people.

Dr. Evans delivers a stirring devotion from the Word of God and prays for wisdom, protection and provision for our principals and their schools. Additionally, the breakfast serves as a venue for principals to give their input on our services and receive updates on TTA programs.
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