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Volunteer Opportunities
Review the myriad of volunteer opportunities offered through The Turn•Around Agenda and discover a heart for service.

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To volunteer or for more information, contact our 
Volunteer Coordinator or calls us at 469-567-1793
TTA Mentors
Build and cultivate relationships with an assigned group of youngsters through a variety of activities that promote positive character and encourage young people to stay in school and refrain from alcohol and drug use, violence, and pre-marital sex   
Special Event Volunteers
Work closely with the in-school program coordinators in planning and implementing large events, including annual KAGE events and an elementary Back-to-School Rally where students and/or their parents come together to receive information, resources, and services that empower them to make decisions that improve their wellbeing
Work closely with the institute staff in implementing curricula and activities in pre-GED/GED, basic adult education, reading literacy and computer training
Instructor Aids
Assist instructors with classroom activities and provides individualized attention and encouragement to participants

Case Management Intake Workers
Assist with the administration of a multi-level assessment and case management services for clients experiencing a crisis. College interns and practicum students are recruited along with members of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship.
Food Pantry Volunteers
Assist in the collection and distribution of food for individuals and families in need. This includes the Food 4 Kids program in public schools.
Homeless Ministry Volunteers
Assist homeless shelters in Dallas County by serving children, women, and men staying in the shelters with:
  • Bible studies
  • Prayer
  • Meal preparation
  • Meal serving
  • Organizing donated clothes
  • Childcare for parents attending bible studies
Housing Support Volunteers
Provide assistance to individuals and families in credit repair/restoration. Home maintenance for the elderly, disabled, economically disadvantaged, and single parent. Housing for the homeless, home buyer and home maintenance instruction.

Client Advocates/Counselors

Client Advocates

Professional counselors and volunteers trained to conduct guidance-counseling sessions for individuals, families, and groups. They also meet with clients on a regular basis to allow them to discuss their personal issues.


Support Group Facilitators

Trained to facilitate counseling groups for emotional issues that hinder personal and spiritual growth and development


Professional Counselors

LPC interns and practicum students conduct group, family and individual counseling sessions as well as train other volunteers and teach continuing education classes


One-on-One Mentors

Lay counselors who meet with clients and allow them to discuss issues hindering personal growth


Medical Professional Volunteers

Medical Doctors

Counsel patients and their families, train staff and volunteers and instruct education classes.



Educate and counsel clients. Train staff and volunteers on medical concerns. Conduct medical screening exams on every client with a positive pregnancy test.



Perform ultrasound exams on clients that meet the medical qualifications. Train medical volunteers to conduct ultrasound examinations.


Medical Education Facilitators

Prenatal Care facilitators

Individuals with education and/or experience in caring for women during and after pregnancy. Prenatal facilitators must be willing to be trained to teach in a Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC) setting.


Childbirth Preparation Facilitators

Volunteers who have acquired the educational background and/or experience to prepare women and their partners for childbirth. Training for group facilitation is required.


Newborn and Postpartum Care Facilitators

Volunteers who have the background, experience, and knowledge of caring for newborns and their mothers. Volunteers must have the knowledge and/or experience in group facilitation.


Parenting Education Facilitators

Parenting Facilitators

Educators, counselors, social workers or an individual with the educational and/or experiential background to teach parenting skills. Group facilitation training is necessary.


Continuing Education Facilitators

Spiritual Growth Facilitators

Must be spiritually mature Christians who display godly character in their daily walk. Should have some experience teaching the Bible and mentoring young Christians. Applicants must be trained to facilitate groups.


Relationship/Abstinence Education Facilitators

Volunteers with experience in working with groups and individuals on topics concerning:

  • Healthy relationships
  • Building self-esteem
  • Anger management
  • Communication
  • Stress management

The facilitator must have knowledge of counseling and group dynamics or complete additional training.


Administrative Volunteers


Volunteers who man the receptionist desk. Responsible for greeting clients and visitors to the center and connecting them with their appropriate parties. It is important that these individuals:

  • Operate all the office equipment in the center
  • Respond appropriately to inquiries about pregnancy, abortion, adoption
  • Schedule appointments
  • Proficient with Micro Soft Outlook and Access 


Data Entry Specialist

Enter information in the Client Data Base and compile data for the monthly, quarterly and annual reports.


Clerical Support Volunteers

Utilized in every area of the center and the entire staff to assist with:

  • Paperwork
  • Filing 
  • Calling
  • Coping
  • Computer work

Must have experience in Micro Soft Word. Some experience in Excel, Access, and Publisher would be helpful.


Training Support Volunteers

Assist counselors, facilitators and trainers before, during and after educational groups and training classes.


Receive donations, sorts and prepares all items before they are placed on the sales floor. This includes removing items from containers and placing them in storage or on clothing racks for store display and preparing non-clothing items for store display. This role may also include cleaning and repairing items when applicable.
Merchandise Assistants
Assist in the organization, placement and display of all donated goods in the Resale Store. The merchandise assistant will also help transport merchandise to the designated department of the store, restocking of merchandise that has been returned, and general housekeeping of the merchandise area.
Driver and Warehouse Helpers
Transporting donated items from designated pick-up locations to the Resale Store. Volunteers should be physically able to lift heavy objects. Additionally, volunteers will help transport large donated items to the merchandise area of the store once the items have been processed and are ready for sale.
Handy Man
Performs various odd jobs and other small tasks around the facility in addition to repairing, updating and assembling donated goods.







Volunteers are not paid -- not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.





Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.
- Elizabeth Andrew






Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
- Margaret Mead

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